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My commute takes me through the Dandenong Creek Trail, across Tirhatuan Lakes over to the Eastlink Trail which takes me almost to the door of my office.  I’m thankful that I don’t cop too much flack about showing up to work in Lycra, and thankful that our receptionist Carolyn also rides to work every now and again to help the environment.  Luckily there are a network of bike tracks which join up to this system which offers variety along the way.

Dandenong Creek Trail

I’m a hill climber, and sadly this trail offers little vertical to and from work.  Quite often I’ll duck up back streets to get some climbing in my legs.  If I’m lucky I’ll have the time to head up the infamous Police Academy Hill which peaks at 16%.

Dandenong Paddocks

I’ve done well over 15,000 km’s to & from work and my commutes certainly have helped my fitness.

There are a couple of scenic spots along the way, but most of the trip isn’t that special.  More often than not I’ll listen to music along the way to ease the monotony.

Jells Park

I’ve had my share of windy days, and have certainly set some fast times along the way.

Usually the wind works against me, and it can be common for me to get a headwind 3/4 of my trips.

Statue of Hubert Opperman

When I get a tail wind on the way to work its never over 10kmph, and most of the time it picks up in the afternoon to give me a nasty head wind to return into.

When its a northerly I’m pushing into a headwind to work, and often the wind changes direction in the afternoon, quite often not in my favor.

I rarely see anyone heading north.  I’d be lucky to pass 1 – 2 riders a day.  I’ll see a dozen or more coming the other way though.  Is it the wind?

I actually enjoy riding in the wet, but discovered years ago that its not pleasant sitting in wet clothes all day, so tend not to ride if there’s rain in the morning.

I’ve ridden to work over 150 times now.  It sure does beat driving.

With a baby on the way I know my future on the bike will change.  No more long rides, and more commutes.

Bring it!

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2 thoughts on “My commute

    carolynswriting said:
    July 13, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Nice photos as always, and yes, it’s a great idea to ride to work (the reality for some of us is wanting a little, ha ha!) 🙂

    Brendan responded:
    July 13, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Thought I’d drop your name to see if you really read them 🙂 ps happy birthday 🙂

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