Running the Magpie gauntlet

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You’re riding along, minding your own business and then THWACK!  You feel the sharp dig of claws and wings against the back of your helmet.  Then there’s a horrible dry scream right in your ear and you realise that a Magpie has hit you from behind.  The attack has come from nowhere.  You’re in a bit of disbelief and starting to feel terrified when THWACK!  You get hit this time from the side and you feel pain as a pair of sharp claws dig into your shoulder.

Looking over your shoulder.  You see that the Magpie is already lining you up for a third attack and gracefully gliding in mid air.  Its beady little brown eyes giving you the stare of death.  As soon as you turn around you know the Magpie will pounce.  Its wings extended and claws dug out coming at you like a bat out of hell.  It all happens so quickly that you hardly have any time to crap yourself.  You hope to be able to out run the feathered fury.  But its like taking Usain Bolt on in a sprint.

You will loose!

Running a Magpie gauntlet takes nerves of steel.  You just never know which direction they will came at you from, or even worse.  Whether blood will be drawn.

Running the Magpie gauntlet is just another occupational hazard of riding on Australian roads during the spring time.   Magpies see Cyclists as a serious threat to their young.  They have an urge to protect its eggs and young and will aggressively defend the space around their nest.  Its usually the male who will become overly aggressive.  This is due to a huge increase in testosterone levels during mating season.  If you can’t avoid it and have to run the gauntlet against a Magpie.  Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will lose!  There is no outrunning a Magpie.

Just hope that you’re lucky to get away in one piece.  If you’ve got any tips for surviving a Magpie please feel free to share them in the comments section below.  It may be a small consolation.  But if you manage to survive a Magpie attack look at it as giving the little suckers plenty of exercise.

Special note

Magpies are protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act and it is illegal to intentionally or, recklessly injure or kill a Magpie.

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One thought on “Running the Magpie gauntlet

    Cedric said:
    September 6, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    My shinny wiggly spiky sharp metal cable tie array has yet to be defeated. Just make sure yours is long enough and arranged to protect you from all of the critical angles (sides, rear and top). It doesn’t look cool with full lycra on a road bike but hey…

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