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This has been a hectic but amazing year for the Dandenong Ranges.  Personally 2016 was quite challenging.  I was either sick or injured for over 46 weeks this year.  I was forced off the bike a fair bit, and there were several times this year where life got so hectic that I had to seriously consider giving up the blogging.  What kept me going was you.  The support that I received throughout 2016 was tremendous.

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The Dandenong Ranges

This blog is a hobby of mine which I run around looking after a one year old baby.  A hectic 6 day work week.  And life, the universe and everything in-between.  I am the, writer, photographer & editor in chief, and without any funding, the Dandenong Ranges costs me a lot in terms of money and time.

A gigantic thank you to all of the people who have helped in the background with this site.  Joel, Adam, Mike, Lou, Andrew, Brad, to name a few.  I’ve been fortunate to have a number of people that I’ve been able to turn to to help with editing, offering photos, ideas for pieces and feedback on the pieces I do.  Without this help and support I would really struggle and can’t begin to thank you’s enough.


2017 is set to be a big year.  After writing off most of 2016 with injury and illness I am keen to make up for lost time.  I have quite a few big rides planned.  On top of this I’ve got quite a few projects planned for 2017.

I hope that you can join me on the journey.



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