To commute or not to commute

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Let’s face it, most of us don’t like to go to work.  Why would you want work when you could be out riding your bike instead?

If you’re like me and love riding your bike.  The great thing is you can do both.  Get up that little extra to get out on your bike and ride to work.

There’s a million excuses not to commute.  The trips boring, its wet, its cold, blah, blah, blah.  Sure when the alarm wakes you from a deep slumber there’s the temptation to pick your alarm up and throw it at across the room.

You’ve just going to have to say f#*k it!  I’m doing this!

Instead of looking for excuses, we should all be looking for motivation to get out there to ride more.  The benefits to commuting are numerous.  You help out the environment.  Take care of your health and can avoid the tedium of driving bumper to bumper.

Try to find ways to get the maximum out of your commutes.  Vary your routes, chuck in some hills or maybe join in an early morning group ride (there are lot’s that finish with Coffee and still allow enough time to get to work at a reasonable hour).  Strava segments are also a good way to bring some entertainment to your commutes.  Segments can offer a good incentive to go and explore.  Also to to put in some harder intervals to make your commute harder which contributes to building your fitness.

Getting up extra early may not seem easy, but how many times have you ever regretted riding your bike?

We all love to ride, and if there’s one thing you can take from all of this is to find it within yourself to try & do at least one extra commute every week.  For those of us who are time poor this is a fantastic opportunity to get more riding in, and as a bonus when you get out & ride, you can help to inspire your friends and family to do so too.

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