My first accident

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In 1998 I bought my first road bike. I was at the Camberwell market and bought a second hand Shogun Katana. I fell in love with it and rode almost 700 km’s on her over the coming six months. The majority of riding was to and from work at Smorgy’s in Burwood.  This was a 13 km round trip.  I was riding to my lunch shift, and traffic was light on Springvale Road (Glen Waverley).  Approaching the intersection at Kingsway I did the usual head check to see if anyone was indicating behind me. No one was so I went to ride through the intersection. Just as I hit the apex of the corner a Ute turned left without indicating less than a meter from me.

Travelling at over 30 km/h and with no where to go, I was about to slam into the side of his car.  I veered sharp to the left, and was going to crash into the gutter. My only option was to let go of my handlebars, &  grabbed onto the side of the Ute.  I was dragged along parallel with the Ute for about 25 meters before I let go of the Ute.  Going sideways into the nature strip and landed heavily on the grass. My bike was somehow ok, and I only had tiny scratches on me. The deuschbag never stopped. Shaken and stirred, I continued my ride to work.

I said to myself that it was a once off, and that I shouldn’t worry about the accident and tried to brush off the incident. My next trip I punctured and had to walk my bike 6km’s back home.

Sadly I gave up cycling, and didn’t take it up for another 12 years…….

My first accident

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