Riding on a busted foot

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I broke my big toe playing Basketball back in 1999. The next day I tried going to work, but given I could barely stand, they sent me home, and I was relegated to lying in bed.  I couldn’t do anything and was bored shitless. My Shogun Katana had those stirrup pedals, and I had a crazy thought.  Even though my toe was busted, I wouldn’t need to use it on the bike.  If I could wear a slipper over my bad foot, in theory could ride my bike with a busted foot.

Riding on a busted foot


You would have laughed watching me hop everywhere.  I couldn’t put any weight onto my foot.  I had to hop out to my bike and was over the moon when I found that I could pedal without discomfort. You beaut! I went for a ride around the block, and was loving it & just kept on riding. I headed for the Schotman’s Creek bike trail.  Somehow I ended up riding all the way to the city from Glen Waverley on a busted toe.  This is about 50 km return.

This was by far the longest ride I had ever done at that stage.

I rested at the Casino and hobbled around and got some funny looks. Picture that I was in my lycra, wearing a slipper on one foot, and could barely stand.  When I was walking I was either using the bike as a crutch or hopping on my good leg.  I got home and planned several other trips whilst I was off work, and couldn’t believe that I could bust a bone in my foot.  Somehow I actually get fitter during the rehab with a busted foot. Gotta love the bike.

So was riding with a busted foot wise?  Well I have never professed to do things normally.

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