Baileys Road (Narre Warren North)

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Distance: 1.8 km
Average Gradient: 4%
Elevation gain: 67 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Residential
Road Surface:Excellent

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Just because a road has a sign “No Through Road” on it does not mean that this road would not be awesome to ride down.  Baileys Road is off one of Cardinia’s iconic climbs A’Beckett Road, and is one of the roads less traveled by bike.  This road offers beautiful scenery, minimal traffic and a climb which just gets steeper and steeper the further you go.

Baileys Road (Narre Warren North) climb

After turning off onto Bailey Road the climb starts about 200 metres in.


The first 1 km offers a false flat and never raises above 3% and very easy to cruise up.

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This isn’t your typical residential street.  Its half resedential/half farmland.  Off to the left side of the road you will see Horses, Sheep even Cows wondering in some of the yards.

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After you pass the bend (pictured above) the road ramps up.

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The gradient gradually rises until it nears 12% right towards the end.  If you pick a day with a nice westerly wind you can get a nice push up this one.

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There are stunning views to either side of the road and the properties along here are gigantic.

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The climb finishes when you reach the court (pictured above).

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This is a stunning road to ride up, and one which hundreds of cyclists have passed without knowing its there. Have a break up at the top, and enjoy the views before you head out on the roads less traveled.

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