Dickie Road (Officer)

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Distance: 3 km
Average Gradient: 5%
Elevation gain: 145 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Gravel
Road Surface: Poor

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Cardinia has some truly amazing gravel climbs.  This climb takes you through to the picturesque Toomuc Valley.  Passing one of Melbourne’s best Mountain Bike tracks at the “GWS Scout Camp”, as well as passing the EA Owen Conservation Reserve.  This is quite a tough climb as the surface of Dickie Road is rough and course.  Which makes what is already a very challenging climb into something well beyond that.

The climb starts just after you pass the GWS Anderson Scout Camp.  You’ll notice the road going skyward, and a sensible rider might just turn around and take the soft way home….


The first km has several pinches in excess of 15% and averages over 8%.

You will find it hard to find a rhythm as the gradient constantly changes throughout this climb.

The next 1.5 km’s is quite undulating, and quite challenging with some steep pinches along the way.


The road is wide enough for a vehicle to pass you.  Make sure you pick a good line when being overtaken.  The  as the side of the road can be a bit rough.


As you can see from the photos there is a fair bit of gravel on the road.  This climb is more suited for a Mountain Bike or CX.  The last 600 metres is quite challenging, with the gradient peaking at over 15%.

You’re legs will be cursing you and screaming out “you’re a dick!”

It is a welcome relief to see the Yellow T-intersection sign which will signify the end of the climb.

It is a very challenging, and a willy long climb.  Please make sure that you don’t make any jokes about its name!

Dickie Road (Officer)

At a glance:

  • Long undulating climb
  • Heavy gravel
  • Not suitable for road bikes
  • Very little traffic

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