Leppit Road (Pakenham)

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Distance: 900 metres
Average Gradient: 9.4%
Elevation gain: 104 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Country
Road Surface: Good

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Leppit Road

Leppit Road climb

Leppit Road passes through the beautiful Toomuc Valley which is an amazing area to ride through.  This is quite a quite climb which is also quite deceptive as there is a fairly consistent gradient of around 12% for most of it.  Until you near the top where it ramps up.  This climb offers many challenges and offers some truly amazing views near the top of the climb.

Leppit Road

The climb starts just after the intersection of Leppit Road & Hein Road.  You’ll figure this out for yourself ast he road goes skywards.

Leppit Road

The gradient will rarely drop below 10% and offers a fairly consistent 10 – 12% gradient through much of the climb.

Towards the top the road ramps up, and you will appreciate your Granny gear on this climb and wish you had more gears.

Leppit Road

After you pass White Lane on the left hand side, there are stunning views to the left of the road.

Leppit Road

The climb finishes at the corner of Bathe Road.

Leppit Road

For an extended climb continue onto Upper Beaconsfied.  Overall there is 3.9 km’s of undulating climbing at 4%.

Click here for link to the Strava segment.

Leppit Road at a glance

  • One of those nasty climbs that get steeper the higher you go
  • Narrow shoulder to the side of the road, which you will most likely find unrideable
  • Impressive views of the valley near the top of the climb on the left hand side
  • In the Toomuc Valle which offers some of Cardinia’s toughest climbs

How to get to the Toomuc Valley

The Toomuc Valley is located 56 km east of Melbourne.  Take the M1 Freeway & exit at Pakenham before heading north up Toomuc Valley Road, then turn left into Leppit Road.

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