O’Neil Road (Beaconsfield)

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Distance: 3.2 km
Average Gradient: 3.3%
Elevation gain: 109 metres
Category: 4
Traffic:Light traffic
Terrain: Residential/farmland
Road Surface: Good

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View from the top of the climb

This picturesque climb is quite undulating, and is a lot more challenging than the average gradient suggests.  This climb joins onto Cardinia’s most iconic climb “Payne Road”.

Base of the climb

O’Neil Road climb

The climb starts near the intersection of the Princess Highway & O’Neil Road.

You will travel through a newish housing estate for the first 1.2 km’s.  The gradient varies with gradients pushing upwards of 7% at times.

There is a sweeping right hand bend.  As soon as you turn into the corner the landscape dramatically changes.  You leave behind Suburbia and enter the countryside that Cardinia is famous for.  Over the next 300 meters you will enjoy a dip in the road.  Use it to recover or smash out a good time.  The choice is up to you.

As you push through a sweeping left hand turn the road rises.  The next 500 meters are the hardest part of the climb peaking at 12%.

Although painful, the scenic through here is quite dramatic.

The road flattens as you pass LL Road.  There is one last sweeping left hand corner until you reach the final straight.

The remainder of the road is quite undulating until you reach the end of the climb at the intersection of Payne Road.


O’Neil Road


The climb where the city meets the bush


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