Thewlis North (Officer ) gravel

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Distance: 800 metres
Average Gradient: 12%
Elevation gain: 100 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Farmland
Category: 4
Road Surface: Loose gravel

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

The Toomuc Valley is easily one of Cardinia’s most scenic areas to ride in. If you venture off the main road and onto the gravel, it also boasts some of Cardinia’s most challenging climbs.  Next to Berglund Road, Thewlis is arguably the most challenging climb in the area.  Not only is it super steep but has a lot of loose gravel and you’ll be fighting for traction all the way up.

Don’t be ashamed if you need to get off and walk up this climb.

There is a short steep pinch to enter Thewlis before the road flattens out over the next 50 metres.

There is a 90 degree left hand turn and once you come round the bend you may wish you hadn’t. The road rises straight up and over the next 300 metres averages a whopping 16%, with the final 200 metres barely dipping below 10%.

The road flattens out as you reach the intersection of Bathe Road, but if you’re like me & you don’t consider you’ve finished a climb until you’ve climbed as high as you possibly can, then turn right onto Bathe Road where there is a really steep pinch of about 200 metres to contend with till you can finally celebrate.

A climb like this is incredibly challenging, and when the majority of riders average less than 10kmph you know you’re in for a battle. You may only ever do a climb like this once, but getting to the top of such a difficult climb is like a rite of passage to consider yourself a climber.  Yes it is hard, but then it’s good to test the depths of your abilities.

Do or do not. There is no try


Thewlis North at a glance

  • Loose gravel surface (offers little in the way of traction)
  • No line markings
  • Stunning views looking back towards the Toomuc Valley
  • Super steep gradient which gets steeper towards the top
View from the top

How to get there

Thewlis Road is located approximately 60 km south-east of Melbourne, and accessed of Toomuc Valley Road.

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