Bellbird Track

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Distance: 400 metres
Average Gradient: 
Elevation gain: 
41 metres
Walking track
Gravel (MTB or CX only)
Road Surface:
Loose gravel
Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

The Bellbird Track offers one of the most challenging tracks to climb in the Churchill National Park. Apart from the fact that the track peaks at 25% at one point.  The track is always in rough shape and with lots of loose gravel is very challenging to find grip.

Bellbird Track climb

This is one of the worst kept tracks at the park and its common to find pot holes and ruts that you will need to dodge.

Most of this climb is well in excess of 15% gradient and traction is very difficult to find at times.  This is the type of climb that you’re likely to get off and walk your bike up.

Although difficult the track offers some amazing scenery and a great one to have said you have done.

Extended Climb

If you turn left up the top of Bellbird and turn left onto the North Boundary Track there is an additional 800 meters of climbing with a 7% average.  I always say that you haven’t done a climb until you’ve climbed as high as you possibly can.

The Churchill National Park has some incredibly challenging climbs.  Head to this link for reviews on all of the other climbs at the Churchill National Park.


  • Entry via Churchill Park Drive, Bergins Road and Lysterfield Lake
  • 24 hour parking available on Curchill Park Drive
  • Parking is available within the park (observe gate closing times)
  • Picnic & B.B.Q facilities (next to main car park)
  • Toileting facilities (next to main car park)
  • No dogs allowed (National Park regulations)
  • Joins onto Lysterfield Lake

Click on this link for a map of the Churchill National Park from Parks Victoria.

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