North Boundary Track (Powerlines climb)

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Distance: 1 km
Average Gradient: 11%
Elevation gain: 110 metres
Terrain: Rough
Category: 3

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

This climb is also known as “the Powerlines climb”.

The North Boundary Track is one of the most popular climbs in the Churchill National Park. It is quite difficult with some very, very, very steep pinches.  What makes this really challenging is the rough & course surface which is often rutted.  You will find it difficult finding traction. The views from the top are worth it, with some impressive views of the Churchill National Park as well as the Dandenong Police Paddocks to the south west of the Park.

Official start to the climb

North Boundary Track climb

You can start the climb at one of two points:

  • The traditional start to the climb is at the cross section of North Boundary Track (see image above)
  • Personally I think all riders that start it from here are soft.  If you drop down to the fence & do the climb right from the base (pictured below).  You’ve got guts!
Heads up. This will hurt!

The secret to getting up the climb in one piece is really pacing yourself. If you go too hard you risk wheel spin, and you need to tap out a consistant rhythmn.  Don’t be surprised if you cook yourself early on into this climb.

Expect a rough surface

The first part of the climb is truly brutal, and there aren’t many climbs that will compare to this one.

If you reach the Link track which is just next to the powerlines.  The path flattens out briefly.  Its worth stopping here to take in some very impressive views.

The second part of the climb undulates and has some steep pinches.  This section is not all that steep, but you will find the first part of the climb will always do a number on your legs.  This second section can really hurt & be a grind getting to the top.  If you’re lucky you may see a Kangaroo or Wallaby along the way.

The finish line is a much welcome relief on this climb (see below).

Top of the climb


  • Entry via Churchill Park Drive, Bergins Road and Lysterfield Lake
  • 24 hour parking available on Curchill Park Drive
  • Parking is available within the park (observe gate closing times)
  • Picnic & B.B.Q facilities (next to main car park)
  • Toileting facilities (next to main car park)
  • No dogs allowed (National Park regulations)
  • There are a large number of placid Kangaroos & Wallabies throughout the park. Take care to keep an eye out for them on the descents
  • If you’re using a CX bike, it is recommended to run at least a 32 mm tire
  • Joins onto Lysterfield Lake

Click on this link for a map of the Churchill National Park from Parks Victoria.

Just a heads up that if you take on a climb of this difficulty there’s always the possibility that you may need to get off and walk.

North Boundary Track Churchill National Park
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