Trig Point climb (Churchill National Park)

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Distance: 1 km
Average Gradient: 10%
Elevation gain: 106 metres
Traffic: Walking track
Terrain: Gravel (MTB or CX only)
Road Surface: Loose gravel

Here is a link to the Strava segment here

I’ve always considered this one of the hardest climbs I’ve ever done.  Towards the top of this climb is a small section of gravel which peaks at 20%.  This is always incredibly challenging to get up and hurts like a MF.  It took me 12 attempts before I was able to climb this one without walking.  This track joins the Churchill National Park to Lysterfield Lake.  Which offers some stunning 360 degree views from the top.  And would recommend to see at night.

Trig Point climb

The climb starts at the intersection of the Stonemasons Track & Lysterfields Hill Track. This climb is 1 km @ 10%,  This is hard enough on its own.  But there is a lot of loose gravel on this climb and it is challenging getting traction at times.

Keep an eye out as there is a large population of Kangaroos & Wallabies.


Once you reach the fence you leave Churchill N.P & enter Lysterfield Lake.  You’ll need to pace yourself.  Once you pass the second hairpin the path goes skywards.  With the gradient sitting on 15% over the next 250 meters.

Your lungs will be bursting.  Instead of offering respite the path gets steeper and as you approach this corner the path peaks at 20%.  This is made extra challenging as the path is quite often in bad shape.  It can be hard to find a good line to ride into.

The gradient decreases, but you’re heart will be racing so hard all you will be thinking of is getting to the top.  Once you reach the sign pictured above turn left.  There is only a short climb to the lookout.  It is hard as there is no path, and you need to ride over the grass.  The gradient isn’t steep, but after 900 metres of incredibly steep climbing there’s no shame in your legs giving up on you here.

The end of the climb is at the funny looking dish thing.


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