Bailey Road (Cockatoo)

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Distance: 1.8 km
Average Gradient: 9.2%
Elevation gain: 172 metres
Traffic:Light traffic
Terrain: Residential/Forest
Category: 3
Road Surface: Good

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Bailey Road (Cockatoo) climb

Bailey Road is located in Cockatoo in the South Eastern corner of the Dandenong’s.  The road takes you past the Wright Forest, and is brutal.  I would go as far as saying this is arguably one of the toughest short climbs that you can do in the Dandenong’s with gradients pushing 16%.

The climb starts just after the bridge when you pass Neville Road.

This is a climb which continues to get steeper as you climb.  You may encounter traffic however there’s a shoulder to the side that you can quietly suffer in, and possibly cry.

The first 1.2 km’s are nice and easy with a steady gradient which averages between 6 – 8%.

When you pass First Avenue and come around the bend you’ll see the Wright Forest to the right side of the road.

The next 800 metres will be brutal. The gradient won’t drop below 12% and peaks at over 17% and you’ll be visiting your happy place.

Respite is in sight when you see the Bus shelter to the left hand side of the road.  There is still a little bit of climbing after and you’ll be thankful that you got over that steep section.

The climb finishes shortly before the intersection of Bailey Road & Paternoster Road. Enjoy the views as you recover your breath at the top.

Enjoy a Bailey’s after this one…… you deserve it!

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