Wicks Road (The Basin)

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Length: 400 metres
Height gain: 47 metres
Maximum gradient: 24%
Average gradient: 10%

Here is a link to the segment here:

Wicks Road is located just behind Melbourne’s most iconic climbs.  The 1 in 20 and it is wicked to climb.  The road climbs for about 300 meters as you reach the corner of Ross Avenue.  In front of you is a footpath which goes skywards and continues all the way up to the 1 in 20.  This is no easy climb.  The hill peaks at over 30%, with the footpath was shaped in the form of a “Z” to lessen the gradient to an easier 20% average gradient.  The footpath is quite narrow.  You have two very tight technical corners to negotiate at very slow speeds.  This will test both your legs, & your bike handling skills.

An alternative start to the 1 in 20

If you’re a frequent user of the 1 in 20 this climb is worth a detour.  It offers a great little challenge, & the last section up the footpath is an experience you likely won’t forget.  If you’re riding with mates, well this is a great one for a pissing contest……..

And if you turn left at the top, there’s a nice 6 km of climbing to get to the top of the 1 in 20 🙂


Wicks Road


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