Bolton Batesleigh

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Distance:  1 km
Average Gradient: 7%
Elevation gain: 68 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Residential
Road Surface: Good

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Bolton Batesleigh is a climb located in Selby which is in the Southern part of the Dandenong’s.  This area offers some fantastic climbs.  And is easily my favorite area to ride in the Dandenong Ranges. If you pick the right route to ride, you can be lucky to see a car.   As a bonus its easy on the eye.  Bolton Batesleigh is a climb which has a really fun fast speed technical descent leading to the base of this climb.  This is a very hard short distance climb.  Which was put on the map when it was used in the 2013 edition of the Dirty Dozen.

Bolton Batesleigh climb

The road through Bolton Batesleigh is quite narrow road.  There is a descent leading to the base of the climb which you can hit at incredibly high speeds.  Given the roads quite narrow.  There are a couple of corners which require skill to negotiate.  This quite a technical descent which if you love a good descent is quite fun.  You’ll want to pick up as much speed as you can otherwise this climb is going to hurt.

Start of the climb

The steepest part of the climb is the first pinch.  If you can get enough speed to get to the top of this pinch in good shape you will be travelling well.  If you don’t prepare to spend some time in your pain cave.

After you round the hairpin this climb has a steady gradient and it’s easy to get into a tempo, and finishes near one of Puffing Billy’s railway crossings on Selby Road.  If you get lucky on the weekend you may get to see the grand ole Steam Engine

Puffing Billy travelling through Selby. Image by Michael Greenhill, courtesy of Flickr

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