Courtneys Road (Belgrave Sourth)

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Distance: 1.5km
Average Gradient: 6%
Elevation gain: 94 metres
Category: 4
Traffic: Minimal
Terrain: Forest/residential
Road Surface: Good

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This is easily one of the best hidden gems in the Dandenong’s.  Courtneys takes you through the Baluk William Nature Conservation Reserve.  Which is a 67.5 hectare significant flora habitat for over a third of Victorias Orchid species.  Boasting over 70 Orchid species.   

Courtneys Road


The climb starts just after the Baluk William Flora Reserve sign.  This is at the intersection of Courtney’s Road & Orchid Road (see picture below).
Courtneys Road

Courtneys Road climb

There’s a descent leading up to the start of the climb so you can get a good running start.  The climb immediately ramps up to 13% for around 100 metres before it flattens out to around 4 – 5%.  You want to make sure you get up there in one piece otherwise the rest of this climb can be a grind.


Around 450 metres into the climb the gradient ramps up again and peaks at 14%.  It is quite steep for the next 400 metres.  At the top you get a respite for around 50 metres as where the road flattens out. 

Courtneys Road
This is the intersection of Courtneys Road & Mount Morton Road
Some consider this the end of the climb.  However if you turn left at the intersection of Courtney’s Road & Mount Morton Road.  The road ramps straight up to 9%.  There is another 600 metres of climbing till you get to the top at the corner of Mount Morton Road & Chaundy Road.

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Courtneys Road
Mount Morton Road

Mount Morton Road is fairly easy to climb.  There is a consistent gradient, and the road is dead straight.  It is a residential area, but has a nice country feel to it.

For the adventure seekers, turn left onto Chaundy Road which is gravel but suitable for a Road Bike.  This is a dead end road, but offers an additional 200 metres of climbing at 6%.

Click here for link to the Strava segment.

Courtneys Road
End of the road

Courtneys is a narrow road with no lines marked and it is recommended that you take caution if descending this road, and keep as far to the left as possible when vehicles are around.

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