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The Dandenong Ranges are one of Melbourne’s most popular cycling playgrounds.  It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of crazy city life and will take you into a world of hidden delights.  It’s so easy to fall in love with the Dandenong Ranges and has some of the greatest climbing that metropolitan Melbourne has to offer.

There is such a great variety of climbs to choose from.  You can easily mix and match your rides, which will make every ride feel unique and original.  No matter which route you choose you’re guaranteed that it’s going to be steep.  But it’s not all about the bike.  After all, there’s no secret that the Dandenong’s have some of Melbourne’s best restaurants and Cafés.

What better way to build up an appetite than to cycle in the hills.
Sherbrooke Road

The Dandenong Ranges consist mostly of rolling hills.  Steeply weathered valleys and gullies covered in thick temperate rain forest. Predominantly of tall Mountain Ash trees and dense ferny undergrowth.  Its highest point is 633 meters above sea level at Mount Dandenong.

With attractions including the Thousand Steps and the fascinating Kokoda Walk.  You can visit the National Rhododendron Gardens, and the mystical sculptures at the William Ricketts Sanctuary amongst many other great activities.  The Dandenong’s are also renown for great restaurants.  Most importantly, they are home to some of the greatest climbing that metropolitan Melbourne has to offer.

How to get there:

The Dandenong Ranges are located approximately 35 km east of Melbourne and offer climbs that suit riders of all abilities.  Some choose to ride out from home, however there is plenty of parking options at the base of the Ranges at towns such as The Basin, Upper Ferntree Gully & Montrose.  Please be mindful that most of the villages in the Dandenong’s have limited parking, so please consider parking at the base of the Dandenong’s.

Alternatively you can also use Public Transport, and there are train services to Ferntree Gully, Upper Ferntree Gully, Upwey & Belgrave.


The roads around the Dandenong Ranges are quite narrow and there are a number of blind corners.  Cyclists should ride single file and keep as safely to the left as possible.  Riders should wear high visibility clothing when riding and should use good lights to help vehicles see you from a distance.

Wheres the best place to climb:

You can use the map below to zoom into the Dandenong Ranges, and click on any of the markers to be directed to any of the climb write-ups.  Alternatively you can use the index below the map and click on the link to be directed to the climb write-up.

If there’s a climb which I have not profiled below get in contact with me.  I could possibly add it to my list.

Link to climb write-up
Gradient %
Glen Harrow Heights Road Belgrave 500 metres 11 4
Leslie Street Belgrave 200 metres 24 3
Toorac Road Belgrave 800 metres 8 5
Terry’s Avenue Belgrave 3.2 km 8 2
Birdsland Reserve Belgrave Heights Various N/A N/A
Mount Morton Road Belgrave Heights 1.2 km 6 4
Colby Drive Belgrave South 1.7 km 5 4
Courtney Road Belgrave South 1.5 km 6 4
Park Drive/Maskelhills Road Belgrave South 900 metres 10 4
Bailey Road Cockatoo 1.8 km 9.2 3
Paternoster Cockatoo 400 metres 11 4
Elephant Rock Emerald N/A N/A N/A
Emerald Lake Park Emerald 1.3 km 6 4
Lakeside Drive Emerald 1.1 km 6 4
Old Beaconsfield Road Emerald 1.5 km 7 4
Kia Ora Parade Ferntree Gully 400 metres 15 4
Olivebank Avenue Ferntree Gully 1.2 km 6 4
The Devil’s Elbow Ferntree Gully 5.8 km 7 3
Churchill Drive Ferny Creek 2.1 km 7 4
One Tree Hill Road Ferny Creek 600 metres 6 N/A
School Road Ferny Creek 1 km 4 5
Grantula Road Kallista 1.5 km 6 4
The Crescent Kallista 3.3 km 5 3
The Dirty Wall Kallista 5.2 km 4 3
Perrins Creek Road Kallista 2.4 km 7 3
Ridge Road Kallorama 2.2 km 6 4
Macclesfield Road Macclesfield 3 km 3 4
McCarthy Road Monbulk 500 metres 22 3
David Hill Road Monbulk 1.3 km 5 4
Invermay Road Monbulk 1.1 km 10 3
Priors Road Monbulk 900 metres 10.2 4
Old Coach Road (gravel) Montrose 5.5 km 8 2
Sheffhield Road Montrose 1 km 7 4
William Ricketts Sanctuary Mount Dandenong Walking
Inverness Road Mount Evelyn 2.5 km 9 3
Bessie Creek Road Nar Nar Goon North 5.3 km 3 4
Falls Road (gravel) Olinda 2.1 km 7 3
The Magic Roundabout Olinda Various N/A N/A
National Rhododendrom Gardens Olinda Walking N/A N/A
Bolton Batesleigh Selby 1 km 7 4
Lacy Street Selby 400 metres 17 3
Selby Aura Road Selby 3.4 km 3 4
Selby Road (gravel) Selby 1.5 km 6 4
Alfred Nicholas Gardens Sherbrooke N/A N/A N/A
Sherbrooke Road Sherbrooke 1.1 8 4
Silvan Road (gravel) Silvan 5.5 km 6 2
Basin Olinda Road (gravel) The Basin 6 km 6 2
Old Forest Road The Basin 900 metres 11 4
Sheffhield Road (gravel) The Basin 3 km 5 3
The 1 in 20 The Basin 6.8 km 4 3
Wicks Road The Basin 400 metres 10 5
Mighty Patch The Patch 2.6 km 6 3
William Road (gravel) The Patch 2 km 6.5 3
Fat Albert Upper Ferntree Gully 1.7 km 7 4
Ferndale Road Upper Ferntree Gully 2.2 km 6 4
Gilmore climb Upper Ferntree Gully 2.1 km 7 4
Roma Parade Upper Ferntree Gully 200 metres 23 4
Talaskia Avenue Upper Ferntree Gully 100 metres 17 4
Mast Gully Road Upwey 1.5 km 13.5 3
Satan’s Elbow Upwey 5.3 km 7 2
Hughes Street Upwey 4.5 km 7 2
The Serpentine Upwey 700 metres 13 4
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