David Hill Road (Monbulk)

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David Hill Road

Distance:  1.3 km
Average Gradient: 5%
Elevation gain: 73 metres
Category: 4
Traffic:Moderate (heavy around peak hour times)
Road Surface: Good

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David Hill Road is located to the south-east of the township of Mounbulk, who’s name means “Hiding place in the hills”.  Whilst David Hill Road is only a short climb.  This is a climb that once you discover it, is easy to fall in love with.  Many have found themselves coming back time and time again to do this amazing climb.

David Hill Road
Entrance to David Hill Road

David Hill Road climb

The climb starts at the corner of Emerald-Monbulk Road & David Hill Road.  The road is quite narrow, and when there’s no cars you can really feel the serenity.  This is easily one of the more scenic climbs that you can do in the Dandenong Ranges.

David Hill Road
Start of the climb

This is only a short climb, but offers many challenges.  The climb starts around a 6% gradient, and the first 400 meters the gradient pushes upwards of 9.7%.  As the road winds to the right, the gradient stays at a consistent 7% as you come upon a hairpin.

David Hill Road


The hairpin turns sharply to your left, and as you come out of the hairpin.  This is the steepest part of the climb.

David Hill Road

David Hill Road

David Hill Road ramps up to over 10% over the next 100 meters, as the road starts to wind itself around to your right.  Although the hardest part of the climb, you may find this to be the most enjoyable.

David Hill Road


With 500 meters left to climb, the gradient drops and varies between 3% – 6%, and it’s pretty much a straightforward run from here.  The climb finishes in front of Monbulk College.

David Hill Road
End of the climb

David Hill Road is a good climb to combine with Olinda-Monbulk Road aka “the Wall”.  To get to Olinda there is 8.6 km of undulating climbing with an average gradient of 4%, which makes this one of the Dandenong’s longest climbs.

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David Hill Road

Plan your ride

  • During Peak hour periods this road experiences heavy traffic
  • Narrow road with several blind corners. Keep as far to the left when a vehicle approaches from behind
  • Toilets available in Monbulk
  • Enjoy a Cafe of Bakery stop in Monbulk
  • Great to combine with one of the Dandenong Ranges most iconic climbs “the Wall”
David Hill Road
David Hill Road

Best times to ride

Monday – Friday:

Avoid peak hour traffic and ride between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


The Dandenong’s attracts a large number of tourist traffic over the weekend.  It is best to schedule your rides early in the morning.

How to get there

David Hill Road is located in the township of Monbulk in the Dandenong Ranges.  Located approximately 55 km east of Melbourne.

Public transport

Train services available to the Dandenong Ranges, either using the Belgrave or Lilydale lines. Click here for Public Transport Victoria for train timetable.

David Hill Road

During fire season

The Dandenong Ranges are in a fire district. Anyone entering parks and forests during the bushfire season needs to stay aware of forecast weather conditions. Check the Fire Danger Rating and for days of Total Fire Ban at www.cfa.vic.gov.au or call the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226.

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