Gilmore Road (Upper Ferntree Gully)

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Distance: 2.1 km
Average Gradient: 7%
Elevation gain: 145 metres
Category: 4
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Residential
Road Surface: Part gravel

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Gilore Park

Gilmore Road (Upper Ferntree Gully) climb

Ferndale Road is a series of connecting back streets which starts at the Gilmore Park retarding basin.  This is quite a challenging climb.  Which will throw speed humps, steep gradients which peak at 20% and finishes with 500 metres of gravel which will guarantee to test you.  With a flattened out section, the 7% average is quite deceptive for how hard this climb truly is.  This is one of the roads less traveled in the Dandenong’s.  Ferndale Road comes off Glenfern Road. But the first 1 km has loose gravel and quite a steep descent and is avoided by Road bikers.  The road becomes surfaced shortly before the commencement of the climb.

The climb commences in front of Gilmour Lane on Ferndale Road (in front of Gilmore Park).

Start of climb

The road is very narrow.  There are sections where you won’t be able to pass a vehicle coming the other way so be mindful of this whilst climbing.

The first section is quite steep before you turn right onto Fern Road where it flattens for a brief moment before going skywards again.

Turn right onto Fern Road
The road flattens out and there are several speed humps which are quite bumpy to ride over.

When you see a playground to the right hand side of the road this marks the hardest part of the climb.  Whilst short there’s a short pinch that hits close to 20% that will hurt. Turn right onto Victoria Ridge Road and the gradient rarely drops below 10% over the next 600 metres.

Shortly after you pass the Mary Street turnoff sign.  The gradient will eventually ease up, and you are provided a brief period of respite until you hit the unsealed section. There is loose gravel on the road.  But you should be able to find a riding line and the gradient is fairly consistent until you hit the “T” intersection.  Turn right and good luck getting up the final 50 metres of the climb which averages close to 15% over loose gravel.  This corner usually suffers from corrugation and finding any level of traction is incredibly challenging. Hate to point this out but it may be quicker to get and walk up here.

Gilmore Road (Upper Ferntree Gully)
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