Glen Harrow Heights Road

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Distance: 500 metres
Gradient:  11%
Surface: Sealed
Terrain: Residential/Forest

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Glen Harrow Heights Road is this great little back street climb, which is nestled at the base of the Sherbrooke Forest.  This is a residential street where the houses have blended beautifully into the environment.  It looks like and feels like you’re climbing through a forest, with a canopy of giant Mountain Ash and Eucalypt Stringybark trees  to either side of the road and will make you feel very small.

Glen Harrow Heights Road

Glen Harrow Heights Road climb

The climb begins at the intersection of Glen Harrow Heights Road & Monbulk Road.  Straight from the onset the road kicks up and never dips below 10%.  You’ll find that Glen Harrow Heights Road is a little wider than a car and has a number of blind corners, so take care and keep as far to the left when a vehicle passes.

Glen Harrow Heights Road
Start of the climb

Glen Harrow Heights may only be 500 metres in length, but when you’re climbing a road as steep as this the road will seem to go on forever.  You will need legs of steel, and an iron will to get to the top, and its worth it.  This is an awesome little climb.
Glen Harrow Heights Road

The climb ends shortly after you reach Forest Road (see above).  Here you have two options.  Follow Glen Harrow Heights around the bend which is quite steep and hard, or you can turn left onto Forest Road which is quite steep and hard.  The decision is up to you.  Personally I would drop down to the base and go and do both.

Please take care on the descent as this is a narrow road with quite a few technical corners.

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