Invermay Road (Monbulk)

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Distance: 1.1 km
Average Gradient: 10.1%
Elevation gain: 120 metres
Traffic:Light traffic
Terrain: Rural
Category: 3

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Invermay Road is most famous for appearing in the 2013 & 2014 editions of the Dirty Dozens.  It is one of the hardest short climbs you can do in the Dandenong’s, averaging over 10%.  This is highly deceptive as there is a 100 meter section half way up the climb that flattens out.  The gradient peaks at 24% & many a rider has had to get off their bikes to walk up this incredibly steep hill.

Invermay Road


Invermay Road climb

After you turn off Monbulk Road there is a short descent around a hairpin.  The climbing starts straight away & it gets very steep within the first 50 meters.  And averages well over 12% over the first 250 meters.

Invermay Road

The middle section is the best of the climb.  The road flattens out & you have a chance to catch a breather and enjoy the open views to your right.  If you look up the road I can guarantee that everyone has the same reaction.  “Oh s@#t!”

Invermay Road

A 300 meter straight climb with a 20% average will guarantee you a ticket to the hurt locker.  Do whatever you can to get up this section.  Grind, cry, zig-zag across the road, get off & walk.  Whatever you can to get up this insane pinch.

Invermay Road

Even though the last 100 meters flattens out to a reasonable gradient, your legs may have gone on strike by then.  It may seem like a struggle to get to the top.

Invermay Road

The climb up Invermay Road finishes at the Wall.  On Olinda-Monbulk Road (this is considered the traditional end to the climb).

Invermay Road
Invermay Road

For those of us that like torture turn right onto the Wall and climb to the very top.  It is 4.5 km of climbing at a 7% average

Invermay Road

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