Inverness Road (Mount Evelyn)

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Distance: 2.5km
Average Gradient: 9.1%
Elevation gain: 232 meters
Traffic: Light traffic
Surface: Sealed
Category: 3

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

One of the Dandenong’s most infamous climbs.  Inverness is part of the Crucifix which challenges riders to climb the Devil’s Elbow, the 1:20, The Wall & Inverness in the one ride.  The name came about as on a map the image of this ride looks like a cross.  Inverness is considered the hardest of the four corners.  And has a reputation as one of the harder climbs you can do in the Dandenong’s.

The climb commences at the intersection of York Road & Inverness Road.

Inverness Road climb

Right from the outset the climbing is steep.  With a fairly consistent gradient and one of the smoothest surfaces in the Dandenong’s it is easy to get into a rhythm.

After you pass Warrawee Road.  The road ramps up and expect gradients between 10 – 15% before you reach a hairpin.

The road narrows to one lane.  It can get tricky through here is another vehicle is trying to get through.  For the next 900 meters there is a residential section & the road flattens somewhat.

What makes this climb so special is its final 400 meters.  It starts mega steep and just continues to get steeper and steeper.  Until it peaks well in excess of 20%.  Its a lot steeper than the average 14% suggests.  Inverness Road easily boasts one of the most difficult endings to a road climb in the Dandenong Ranges.

The final pinch


Once you reach the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road.  You will be guaranteed to be gasping for breath and many a rider may have thrown up at the top.  The top is a very popular spot for riders to recover from Inverness Road.  A climb which instills fear in many.

Top of the climb

What is great about this climb is that it keeps on going.  There are three extended climbs you can do from the top.  Click on the links below for Strava segments.

  1. Inverness to Jaspers Road; 4.5km @ 8%
  2. Inverness to Sky High; 7.9km @ 5%
  3. Inverness to Olinda; 11.1km @ 3.4%
Enjoy views of the Yarra Valley along the way

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