Kia Ora Parade (Ferntree Gully)

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Distance: 400 metres
Average Gradient: 15%
Elevation gain: 65 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Residential
Road Surface: Average

The name Kia Ora  is a Māori word and means to be well/healthy, and is also used as an informal hello/farewell and an expression of thanks.  If you have ever climbed this road.  You would think the word Kia Ora Parade means pain and suffering.  This is one of the Danenong Ranges toughest climbs!  It’s short, sharp and brutal peaking at 24%.  Kia Ora Parade is a climb which is not to be taken on by the feint of heart, and you will have to dig deep into the pain cave to get up this one.  Your lungs will be bursting, your legs will be on fire and you may have to deliver the mail to get up it.  Thankfully  all of the roads around Kia Ora Parade end in dead ends and you will rarely see many cars though here as its local traffic only.

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

The climb starts at the intersection of the Glen & Kia Ora Parade

All roads lead to Kia Ora.  What is so great about this climb is there are quite a few different ways you can take to get up this fantastic climb.  If you like your climbs to be incredibly steep, then I can highly recommend all of the following:

1.  Butlers – Kia Ora Parade – Hatherly Grove:

Link to Strava segment here:
Distance:  1.2km’s
Elevation gain:  10%
Elevation:  118 metres

The climb starts at the intersection of Forest Road & Butlers Road & is one of the most popular ways to take on this climb.  Butlers is a pretty straight 400 metres with a consistent 8% gradient, but you will earn your money when you turn onto Kia Ora Parade.  And the road will ramp up to 12% over the next couple of hundred metres.  There is a short descent before you hit the main climb, which isn’t a welcome relief as the first part of the steep bit peaks at 24% and there is no getting a run-up at it.  Your legs will be screaming in pain right from the outset.

Kia Ora Parade
Butlers Road

2.  The Beast (The Glen – Kia Ora Parade – Hatherly Grove)

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Distance:  900 metres

Elevation: 11%
Elevation gained: 109 metres

This climb starts from the intersection of Forest Road & The Glen.  This is arguably one of the hardest ways to get to the top.  The first 400 metres up the Glen is one of those challenging climbs which just gets steeper and steeper, steadily increasing until it peaks at 13% and has an 8% average.  When you reach the corner of Kia Ora Parade, the turn left looks scary, feels scary and is scary ramping immediately to 24% pinch.  If your legs weren’t cooked before hitting this corner….. This is considered the more difficult of the two climbs as there is no respite before you reach Kia Ora

Kia Ora Parade

3. Butlers – Walbundry – Kia Ora Parade – Hatherly Grove

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Distance:  1.6km

Elevation:  8%

Elevation gained:  123 metres

Don’t be fooled by the average gradient.  This climb has 300 metres of steep descending along the way which makes the overall average gradient look easy.  The climb up Butlers Road to Kia Ora is quite pleasant, but from there not so.  You’ll notice the road narrows considerably and goes skywards, and it the climb up to the lady’s walk is quite brutal.  You come around several bends hoping for respite, and get hit in the face with some very steep pinches that can bring tears to your eyes.

Waldbury is a fantastic road to climb, but heads up.  It is incredibly hard to climb.  It undulates, and every time the road flattens out you will hope that it’s the end of the climb, but alas the road will ramp up.  There’s 5 of these gradient changes, before you finally hit the descent.  This road has many speed humps and the descent you will have to brake hard to go over the speed humps.  Your lungs will be desperately gasping in air, and it is a nice respite until you turn right onto Kia Ora, and get hit with a gradient nearing 20%.  All I can say is good luck.

4. Butlers – Barton Avenue – Pleasant Road – Clemantis Avenue – Opie Street – Hatherly Grove

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Distance: 1.1km

Elevation: 9%

Elevation gained: 11 metres

This is a combination of many streets. Given you ride across more than 8 streets you may wonder whether you will get lost.  I can guarantee if you just keep following the road upwards you won’t get lost. The great part of this climb is the last bit, which is the most brutal. There’s a footpath that is narrow, technical and crazy steep.  This takes you out onto one of those roads which you will look up and question whether you can get up

Kia Ora Parade
This climb comes out of this side street

4. The Glen – Kia Ora Parade – Waldbundry

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Distance:  900 metres

Elevation:  10%

Elevation gained:  91 metres

This is the least known of the variations of Kia Ora.  Whilst the shortest this one is brutal.  The turn into Waldbundry will bring tears to your eyes, & will really test how good a climber you are.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  Good luck.

Kia Ora Parade

6. Pathways to Hell

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Distance:  500 metres

Elevation:  18%

Elevation gained:  93 metres

On Forest Road you will find this innocuous Bus stop.  Directly behind is this innocent looking path that makes its way up to the back side of Kia Ora Parade.  Very few would use this path as it averages close to 20% in gradient.  It’s narrow.  You’ll be dodging bumps, cracks & debris over the path.  Some need to deliver the mail to get up such a steep gradient, but on a footpath.  Hate to tell you but you have no space to go anywhere but straight up.

This is quite a technical climb which will really test your strength as a climber.  I would not recommend this climb unless you can comfortably climb all of the other climbs up to the top.

Kia Ora Parade



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