Lakeside Drive (Emerald)

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Distance:  1.1 km
Average Gradient:  6%
Traffic: Moderate
Terrain: Resedential
Category: 4

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Emerald is one of the Dandenong Ranges oldest towns and was named after a prospector by the name of Jack Emerald who was murdered in 1858.  Emerald is a town which was born on gold.  Gold diggings were part of Emerald’s history, and the area really started to develop after a narrow-gauge railway was built between Belgrave to Gembrook in 1900, which was later to became the Puffing Billy scenic railway.  Today Emerald is one of the Dandenong Ranges most popular tourist towns brimming with country charm, and has great Cafes & shopping, and many tourists flock to the Emerald Lake Park (Lake Treganowan) for a picnic or to ride the Puffing Billy express.

Lakeside Drive climb

Emerald is one of those towns that has a large number of hidden gems.  Great backstreet climbs which cyclists will rarely venture down.  Lakeside Road is a residential street which descends down to the Emerald Golf Club.  Its worth descending down there just to check out the scenery.

The climb starts next to the hut on the lake.  Right from the onset you’ll find that Lakeside Drive has a fairly consistent gradient throughout.  The road surface isn’t what you would call bumpy.  But it does throw you around a bit and adds that little bit of extra hurt to your legs.

You’ll find the road is narrow and will need to keep an eye out for cars.  Normally its very quite around here and easy to hear the sound of an approaching car.  Unfortunately there is a fair bit of traffic that make their way in and out of the Golf Club.  You’re bound to several cars on the climb.

The traditional end to the climb is when you reach Emerald Road.  If you love your climbing then you won’t stop until you get to the top.  If you turn left at Emerald Road there is an additional 900 metres of climbing which will take you out to the township of Emerald.

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