Priors Road (Monbulk)

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Distance: 900 metres
Average Gradient: 10.2%

Elevation gain: 101 meters
Traffic: Light traffic
Surface: Sealed

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Priors Road is quite a steep backstreet just to the south of the township of Monbulk.  Priors Road is one of the many hidden gems around the area.  It is quite an amazing area to ride, and boasts one of the Dandenong Ranges most popular climbs.  “The Wall”.  Monbulk is an area which you will want to explore.  The name Mounbulk after all means “Hiding place in the hills”.

Image taken by David White

Priors Road climb

Priors has a great surface & you’re lucky that you can get a real flying start on this climb.  One piece of advice, try to ride this hill smart.  The road is much steeper than it looks.  After approximately 300 meters into the climb the gradient subtly rises, and continues to rise as you climb higer.   It really important that you ease up at the right point.  Otherwise its easy to cook yourself.

Towards the top is a right hand bend and this is highly deceptive.  From a distance this appears to be the top of the climb.  When you round the bend and see the road to continue to rise your legs may go on strike.  Honesly could you blame them?

Many a rider has blown up trying to get to the top of this steep backstreet. This is a climb which loves to spit out riders that don’t pay it enough respect.

View looking down Priors

Priors Road has been a popular inclusion and usually follows Invermay in the Dirty Dozen series. 

What to exect:

  • Quiet residential street
  • Very smooth surface
  • Narrow road (keep an eye out for traffic)
  • Gradient which subtly gets steeper the higher you climb
  • Close-by is David Hill Road which is a climb which you can easily do around this climb

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