Selby Road: gravel (Menzies Creek)

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Distance: 1.5km
Average Gradient: 6%
Elevation gain: 87 metres
Category: 4
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Forest/residential
Road Surface: Gravel

Selby Road climb

Selby Road climb

If you like a sense of adventure, then this climb will appeal to you.  Located in the southern part of the Dandenong’s.  This climb takes you through some majestic forests, and could be used as a scenic detour to Emerald.
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The climb starts at the intersection of Old Menzies Creek Road & Selby Aura Road.   



This climb has a fairly consistent gradient throughout as the road curls its way through this beautiful forest.  Its a relaxing climb and it’s easy to find a rhythm as you head towards Menzies Creek.

Selby Road climb


When you approach the intersection of Aura Vale Road.  You come upon the steepest part of the climb at around 12%.

Selby Road climb


There is a sharp left hand corner, and then the road straightens out for the last 500 metres.

Selby Road climb
There are a number of houses that you will pass over the last 500 metres.  It’s one of those areas that will appeal to you with its serenity and scenic views.
 Selby Road climb


The climb finishes at the intersection of School Road.

Selby Road climb
End of the road

The climb starts onto another great climb, Selby Aura Road.  If you ever get a chance get out to this great area to explore.  You will find a world of amazing and adventurous climbs.

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