Sheffield Road (The Basin)

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Distance: 3 km
Average Gradient: 5%
Elevation gain: 148 metres
Traffic:Light traffic
Terrain: Residential/Gravel
Category: 3

Sheffield Road takes you through the Dongalla Reserve.  Which is located right next to Melbourne’s most famous climb; the 1:20.  There are some fantastic hikes through here.  And is a reserve which is popular with Downhill Mountain Bike riders due to many of the steep descents throughout the area.  This is a dead end road, but one which is well worth exploring.  Taking you through some amazing temperate Rain forest, and incredible cycling.

Here is a link to the Strava segment here


Sheffield Road (the Basin) climb

The first 1.2 km has a steady 4% gradient  and is paved and quite easy to climb.

As you enter through the gates to the Dongalla Reserve the road surface turns to gravel.

The surface is usually in good condition & suitable to ride a Road Bike on.

The first half of this dirt section is fairly flat and quite a relaxing scenic journey.

It’s hard to imagine that a place so beautiful is unknown to most and located so close to the 1 in 20.

When you come up the hairpin the road will start to rise, and you’ll start to earn your money.

It is a fairly consistent 6% until you reach the picnic ground.

As soon as you leave the picnic ground the road goes skywards and you are confronted with a gradient which averages close to 15%.

End of climb

It is a very challenging end to this climb until you reach the top car park.  If you continue climbing past this Emergency Access gate there is another 1.6 km of climbing.  This section is not suited for a Road Bike, and has extreme gradients peaking over 30%.

Here is a link to the extended climb here

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