The Dirty Wall (Kallista)

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Distance: 5.2 km
Average Gradient: 4%
Elevation gain: 225 metres
Traffic: Coonara light/The Wall varies
Terrain: Gravel/Forest/Residential
Road Surface: Part gravel/part sealed

Here is the link to the Strava segment here

The Dirty Wall

There is a little known dirt climb at the base of Perrins Creek Road (Coonara Road).  This road winds its way around to the Wall.  There is 2.8 km’s of dirt climbing at an average gradient of 6%, before moving onto the last 2.4 km’s of the Wall.  Coonara offers some spectacular views, and this climb offers more challenges than the average 4% gradient suggests.  As with all gravel roads, the surface can be effected by weather conditions and caution is advised when riding down them.

The climb begins shortly after the intersection of Perrins Creek Road & Coonara Road.

The climb coils its way around the hill and has a good steady gradient and it is easy to get into a rhythm.

Coonara is a narrow road and you will need to keep an eye out for vehicles.

You pass the beautiful Lyrebird Haunt Reserve and will see some spectacular views.

If you ever feel like exploring head down Holden Road on another adventure.  It joins onto the Wall where the big hairpin is.

After about 2 km’s the gradient drops down to around 4% and stays this way until you hit the Wall.

Turn left onto the Wall, and you will receive some respite over the next 500 metres as the road flattens out.

The Wall

The road will start to rise and the next 900 metres the gradient will gradually increase until it peaks at 10%.

After passing Plowman Street the road drops and you will descend over the next 400 metres.  The road then starts to climb again for a final 200 metres.

The end of the climb is at the Olinda Pool sign which is off to the right side of the road.

The Dirty Wall
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