The Patch climb (Dandenongs)

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Distance: 2.6 km
Average Gradient: 6%
Elevation gain: 176 meters
Traffic: Light traffic
Surface: Sealed
Category: 3

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

In the 1860’s a timber-getter felled a stand of black-butts for palings. Ten years later, the cleared area was found to be a grassed patch of land. This is where it got its name “The Patch”, which is located to the east side of Sherbrooke Forest and was originally settled as a farmland in the 1890’s.

Journey through the hidden Dandenong’s on this little known climb which takes you through the Sherbrooke Forest which is an absolute treat. This is a great climb which is located near some of the Dandenong Ranges most popular climbs, the Wall, Perrins Creek Road and The Crescent.

The Patch climb

The climb starts near the General Store on the Patch Road, maybe go and grab yourself a Coffee on the way up.

After climbing for 400 meters, turn right onto Emerald-Kallista Road (check for cars).

The gradient throughout this climb is quite consistent and its easy to find your chi!

The road is narrow & you will have to keep an ear out for motorists.  Its recommended to keep as far left at all times.

The road surface is quite course & you will have to do a little bit extra work to get to the top.

When you reach the “T” intersection of Grantulla Road turn left & there is a further 700 meters of climbing.  This last stretch of road is a real beaut.

Grantulla Road

At a glance:

  • Narrow road
  • Consistent gradient
  • Quiet roads
  • Mountain Ash to either side of the road

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