The Demons Double

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Demon’s Double:

Distance: 176km’s
Elevation: 3,800vm
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Country
Road Surface: Good

The Reefton Spur

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

The Demons Double

The Demons Double is an iconic climbing challenge through the Yarra Valley.  The ride was named after the two major climbs of the ride (Lake Mountain & Mount Donna Buang).  Whoever came up with the name.  Seemed to forget that there’s a third major climb in the middle through the Reefton Spur.  Starting in Warburton.  You ride across an undulating road as you make your way towards the Reefton Spur.  This is a challenging 20km undulating climb with an average gradient of 3%.  This average gradient is quite deceptive to how hard this climb truly is.

You continue down to Marsyville.  Where you’ll get you’re only chance to buy some food, and an excuse to visit the Marysville Bakery.  You then have to climb up the picturesque 21km Lake Mountain climb which averages 4%.  And my favourite part of this ride is the descent down the Reefton Spur.  This has a couple of challenging climbs along the way to butter up your legs before the final assualt of the ride.  After over 150km in the legs, making the ascent up Mount Donna Buang will be an experience you will never forget.  No matter your level of fitness it is guaranteed to hurt!

The Reefton Spur

Training for the 3 Peaks

The Demons Double is arguably the best training you can do for the 3 Peaks,  It is almost on par with difficulty.  The 3 Peaks has very long flat sections which you can recover on.  Although there is 60 less km’s.  It is almost the same vertical.  This course is tough, and there is not a bit of flat section throughout.  For the first 80km’s of this ride you will predominately be climbing.  This ride is extra challenging as it is so isolated, and there is practically nothing in between Marysville & Warburton.  The Back of Falls puts fear into most riders, especially as it is at the very end of the 3 Peaks.  Climbing Mount Donna Buang after riding 140km’s will be something you will never forget.

The Demons Double is is a bucket list ride.  And one that deserves the up most respect.  Ensure that you bring enough food and water with you as there is very little opportunity to buy food along the way.

Turn-off to Lake Mountain

A tip I could offer.  On the return trip when you reach the base of Mount Donna Buang, you will need to top up water and depending on the weather you may require extra kit for the descent.  We hid a backpack with supplies near the base of the climb, which saved us from making a detour into town.

About the Climbs

The Reefton Spur
20.4km’s @ 3%
Elevation: 646 metres

Lake Mountain
21km @ 4%
Elevation: 935 metres

Mount Donna Buang
16.8km’s @ 6%
Elevation: 1,084 metres

Mount Donna Buang


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