Epic Fails

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Epic fails

mumma always told me that there would be days like this!

I’ve been riding since 2011 and things haven’t always gone to plan.  The number #1 rule of cycling has to be “never trust the weatherman!”.  I’ve lost count of how many times I planned rides, just to get to a road to find that it was gravel.  Then there’s the times that I’ve been guilty of underestimating the degree of difficulty of many, many, many rides. I’ve ad my fair share of mechanicals at inappropriate times.  Getting lost here and there, and having unfortunate accidents

I’m humble enough to say that in discovering riding, I’ve made many mistakes along the way.

I felt that it’s good to look back and laugh and to dish some shit out on myself.

Here are a selection of some very forgettable rides.  Click on the links to be directed to the write-up.  Oh and in the comments section I encourage you to dish out some shite at me 🙂

Why I’m not a Mountain Biker

Getting lost in the Dandy’s

Three, maybe Four Peaks

Don’t ride with someone like Chris Cox when you’re injured

The Amy Gillet fiasco

The Gippsland Gold crash

Getting drowned in the Northern Territory

How not to ride an event

Riding with a sliced thumb

Head on collision

Failing my first Everest

Failing my third Everest

Epic Fails
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