To Everest or not to Everest ………

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“What is love? Love is playing every game as if it’s your last!”
― Michael Jordan

Time is drawing close to the birth of my baby son.  I have done so many amazing rides in the past, but am being honest about the future.  I work six days a week.  My day off will soon be spent babysitting so that my wife can work.  Every era has to come to a close & this is the end of mine.  No more epics.

This may be my last dance.

When I entered into cycling I could not have imagined that I could have done even a fraction of the things I’ve managed to do. I had many failures along the way.  These have been part of my history and sweetened the times that I succeeded more.

My Everests have defined me, and will be what I finish up on. Given I had a strained Achilles at the start of August.

I didn’t think it possible that I could get into shape for a ride like this so quickly.

With the birth of my son imminent, I cannot travel too far from home.  We have chosen a local backstreet climb by the name of Daniel Solander Drive, which is 500 metres at 9%.  We’d be looking at upwards of 200 repeats of this climb which is quite brutal as its a fairly straight climb that looks incredibly steep.  The climb offers other challenges.  No shade, no toilets and may encounter some traffic.  What it does offer is protection for riders.  There’s a designated car lane & next to it is a bike lane.   You feel comfortable riding either of these lanes free from cars.

I’ve managed to get Shane Harold to go for his first Everest.  It will be more special seeing him nail that than to finish off my final Everest.  I know that many years down the track I could try again.  But I honestly don’t know if I really want to go through all the hard work and pain that is involved in getting to this level of fitness.

One last dance!

Midnight on Friday 16th October 2015 it will begin.  Failure is always a possibility, but then again so is success.  I’ve had good preparation leading up to this day with 3 rides in excess of 250 km.  With a number of other challenging rides.  All 8 Everest attempts I have tried have all been extreme and I am expecting nothing less.  I’ve put an open invite out as I know the more riders are riding alongside me the higher chance I have for success.

To be continued…….

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