The day after……

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I spent far too much time on social media after getting home from the David Hill Everest & didn’t get to sleep till well after 11:00pm.  I was exhausted & woke up after 11:30am the next morning.  When I took the week off, I planned on doing the Everest early in the week, but obviously would have to wait to see how I recover to plan what I’d do.  When I heard that there was a group Everest at Mount Donna Buang, I thought “how bad ass would it be to do an Everest & then roll 5 – 6 laps of Mount Donna Buang three days later?”.  I had two full days to recover, but would it be enough to do it?

If I did it, I would have to start right at the start (midnight).

I was going to be hurting myself, I knew that, and I don’t have a magic recipy for how I do it, I just do.  No rest for the wicked and I had to get out on the bike to see where I was at.  As soon as I sat on the seat I realised how much pain my butt was in.  I thought I had been soft on the Everets not to ignore the pain.  Boy it must have been something yesterday.  Ok so I had a really sore tailbone, and I was thinking of doing 5 – 6 repeats of Donna in less than two days.  I started ice treatment, & using the butt cream to get right for Saturday.  I didn’t ride far, and the legs were a lot better than I expected.  My main problem was the tailbone.

The day after

The day after

I had several people commenting that I should be resting, but didn’t want to tell them what I had in mind.  People would say that I’m crazier than what they thought!  I had a tonne of chores to run after 2:00pm.  Most importantly I had to drop my Trek off to get the derailer fixed.  They couldn’t promise anything but there was a chance they could have it ready in time for my Donna party.  With a freshly serviced bike would make the world of difference.  It was a long afternoon and I didn’t end up getting home until near 11:00pm.

I woke up still with a sore butt on the Friday, and this was a do or die day.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to start the Donna epic, let alone do so many repeats.

As soon as I got on the bike I was riding ok.

I was only able to coast, and was far from fresh but could get up all the steep stuff which is all that mattered.  With only a couple of hours to ride, and went for the numbers.  I did enough vertical to tick over a nice and even 10,000 vertical for the week.  This would make it easier for me to work out what I’ve done for the week as I was trying to beat my weekly record of 12,500 vertical.  Then give me more motivation to get to that magical 6 laps on Donna.  After my ride I committed to the ride, but knew I wouldn’t be 100% and would struggle.

The day after
View of Endeavour Hills from Frogs Hollow
My hope was to get 3 – 4 hours of sleep in the afternoon, but unfortunately only managed an hour, and felt pretty flat.  I didn’t know how many laps I would roll, but packed for any possibility.  It was forecast to be sunny, but I’ve been screwed around by the weatherman too many times.  I even put in some wet weather kit (I needed it).  I headed off a little before 10:30pm and got there with plenty of time to spare…..
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