Mount Eccles (Leongatha)

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Distance:  4.6 km
Average Gradient: 5%
Maximum Gradient: 20%
Category: 3
Elevation gain: 250 metres
Terrain: Grassy Farmland
Road Surface: Average

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Victoria has a number of hidden wonders that any hill junkie would love to climb. Mount Eccles in Gippsland is one of those.  Many years ago I was in Leongatha looking for some climbing to do & was pointed in the direction of Wild Dog Valley.   Who wouldn’t be draw to riding in a valley where you can enjoy singing “who let the dogs out”.

Mount Eccles is located at the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges, and features some incredibly steep rolling hills. The climb is made up of two different parts, with the first climb really hard.  The second is just evil.  This is a climb which for much of the climb offers stunning views from eye to eye to either side of the road & has to be seen to be believed.

The climb begins at the intersection of Wild Valley Road and Mount Eccles Road

The first 1.8km will test the legs. It starts shallow, & steadily gets steeper and steeper and peaks at close to 14% at one point.  The views to your left are incredible & thankfully may help to distract yourself from the pain.  You will come to a sharp descent as you pass through farmlands. This is a place that you could easily fall in love with and live if you don’t mind the isolation.

This is one of those climbs that when you see the second part of this climb you may be thinking “oh f#%k!”. The road goes skywards and looks incredibly daunting, and will test the hardiest of climbers.  Whilst only 600 metres in length this section averages in excess of 10% and the road surface is quite poor for grip and it’s a real grind making your way up to the summit.

The climb finishes at the Mount Eccles sign

The road then turns to gravel on the far side of Mount Eccles. If you descend down there is a fun little 800 metre climb with a 6% average to get back to the top.  Some may not like riding on gravel, but why travel all the way out to a climb like this and not experience the full adventure?

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:


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