Mount Oberon

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Distance: 5.4km
Average Gradient: 9%
Category: 2
Elevation gain: 503 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Sealed/Part gravel
Road Surface: Challenging

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Image courtesy of Long Zheng; from Flickr

At the top of Mount Oberon is one of the most stunning views you will be likely to see at the summit of a climb.  Overlooking Tidal River, there are views of the Bass Straight & incredible views of Wilsons Prom.  It is a stunning part of the country to visit.  And this climb is incredibly challenging.  Just reaching the foot of Mount Oberon requires a fair bit of climbing in itself.  But the views make it well worthwhile.  This is definitely a hidden gem and not that well known.  You will want to throw on your to do list.  There is 3 km of incredibly challenging gravel to climb and a CX or a Mountain Bike would be advised.

Image courtesy of Christian Schmitt; Flickr

Mount Oberon climb

This is a climb of two parts.  The first 2.4 km up to the Mount Oberon car park is sealed.  It is quite challenging with an average gradient of 8.2%.  Winding its way up to the lower slopes of Mount Oberon.  This is one of those climbs that no matter how hard it seems, its just going to get worse.  Its all about the gravel.  The final 3 kilometers after you pass through the gate at the Mount Oberon car park is where you’ll earn your money.  Averaging close to 10%.  Its merely a wide gravel walking track only open to park maintenance vehicles and walkers.  You’ll be fighting to get traction from your wheels the whole way up.

Image courtesy of Christian Schmitt; Flickr

When you get to the end of the track.  There is still about 200 meters or so of stairs and rocks to negotiate up to the lookout.  The lookout at Mount Oberon is what makes this climb really special.  Whether you carry your bike up, or walk up this is a sight that you’re definitely going to want to see.   The views are truly spectacular.  Especially if you time your ride around the sunrise or sunset.

Image courtesy of Christian Schmitt; Flickr

Negotiating the descent is challenging and would advise extreme caution.  If you get sore wrists from braking too hard consider taking rest brakes on the way back down to the car park.  From the car park there is 2.4 km of sealed technical descending at a downhill average of 8.4%.  It is fast and furious………

Tidal River. Image courtesy of Robyn Cox; Flickr

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