Mount Tassie (Taralgon South)

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Distance: 15.3 km
Average Gradient: 4%
Elevation gain: 610 meters
Traffic:Light traffic
Surface: Sealed

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There are hidden wonders out there waiting to be discovered.  Mount Tassie which is a little south of Taralgon is one of the best climbs that Gippsland has to offer.

The Strzelecki Ranges

The Strzelecki Ranges (named after Count Strzelecki) is a low mountain range which is part of the Great Dividing Range.  The start of the climb is approximately 15km south of Taralgon.  Mount Tassie offers the greatest views within this range and is the highest point in the Strzelecki Ranges at 750 metres above sea level.

Mount Tassie climb

The climb is around 15.5km’s in length with an average gradient of 4%.  Honestly I didn’t pay it respect and went too hard and cooked myself early on into the climb.  I didn’t look at the elevation graph and its one of those climbs that is a lot harder than its average gradient suggests.  There is several descents along the way, and quite a few sections which were quite steep.

Image by Andrew Clifforth photography –

The great thing about this climb were the panoramic views.  The higher you climbed, the better the views became and you could see out over the Latrobe Valley as well as the Valleys close to Mount Tassie.  It was very tempting to pull over to get photos every second corner.

mage by Andrew Clifforth photography –

It is easy to mistake the views as the ones you will find on any of the great Alpine climbs that Victoria has to offer, and if you ever get the chance head out to Taralgon to give it a go.  There is some amazing riding around this great country town.

Keep an eye out for the Mobile towers which signify the top of the climb.  I was lucky that I knew of a hidden lookout at the top.  There’s a little unobtrusive sign to the left side of the Road which says “Mount Tassie”.  Right after there is a gravel road on your left side. This road is quite steep and there is an extra 300 metres of climbing.  At the top is one of the most amazing views you are likely to see on a bike in the Gippsland area.

Image courtesy of Flickr; taken by Raider of Gin


mage by Andrew Clifforth photography –
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