Green Wedge Cycling

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Green Wedges are the non-urban areas of metropolitan Melbourne.  These sit outside the Urban Growth Boundary and were first identified in the 1960’s. There are 12 Green Wedge areas in and around Melbourne.  These span 17 Local Government areas which collectively form a ring around the Melbourne metropolitan area.

The use and appearance of land in each green wedge area is unique. The landscape ranges from the Mornington Peninsula coastline, to the open basalt plains of the west, to the highly scenic countryside of the Yarra Valley.

Green wedge areas contain a mix of agriculture and low-density activities such as:

  • major infrastructure that supports urban areas, including:
    • Melbourne and Moorabbin airports
    • the western and eastern water treatment facilities
  • major quarries used in the building industry
  • cultural heritage sites
  • biodiversity conservation areas
  • water catchments

About one third of the total green wedge area is public land.  Including national parks, other parks, reserves, and closed protected water catchments.

These areas are great to ride around.  You get a chance to leave the urban landscape of Melbourne and escape back to nature.  There will be less traffic, less pollution and you’re guaranteed some pretty amazing scenery.

Please click on the links below to be directed the climb write-ups:

Link to climb write-up Location Distance Gradient % Category
Skyline Road Christmas Hills 8.3 km 2 N/A
Sugarloaf Reservoir Christmas Hills 1.1 km 6 4
Humevale Road Humevale 7.6 km 4 3
Pigeon Bank Road Kangaroo Ground 500 metres 17 4
Bowden Spur Road Kinglake 3.9 km 9 2
Glenvale Road North Ringwood 400 metres 16 4
Hussey’s Lane Warrandyte 1.4 km 4 4
Everard Drive Warrandyte 1.5 km 4 4
Gold Memorial Road Warrandyte 2.9 km 2 N/A
Melbourne Hill Road Melbourne Hill Road 1.3 km 5 4
Green Wedge Cycling

If you’d like to see a new climb added to the green wedge area, please get in touch.  There are a world of great climbs out there that we all would love to discover at some stage.

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