Everard Drive (Warrandyte)

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Distance: 1.5 km
Average Gradient: 4%
Maximum Gradient: 15%
Elevation gain: 71 metres
Traffic:Light traffic
Terrain: Residential
Road Surface: Good

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Everard Drive is a scenic climb which follows the Yarra River as it meanders alongside the Warrandyte State Park.  The feature of this climb is the hairpin pictured below which has a truly nasty pinch which peaks at 15% & this climb is certainly a lot harder than its 4% average gradient suggests.

The climb begins just after you pass the intersection of Second Street & Everard Drive (alongside the Yarra River).

The first 700 metres of this climb follows the Yarra River which is off to the right side of the road.

There are no line markings, and the road is narrow so keep to the left hand side of the road and keep an eye and ear out for traffic.

As you approach the Warrandyte State Park, it’s not quite a hairpin, but it’s quite a sharp turn into Pound Road.

When you round the bend the road goes skywards and you will be forgiven if you choose to curse.  The next 300 metres are brutal with gradients topping 15%.

The road levels out after you pass Maree Court and there is a short descent before you hit the last pinch of this climb.

The last 100 metres of the climb are quite steep, and the climb finishes at Campbell Court.


Everard Drive (Warrandyte)
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