The Rowville Riders

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The Rowville Riders

The Rowville riders was established by Aaron Twigg.  With the aim to unite riders who share a passion to ride.  What started with a handful of mates.  Has grown into quite a popular and successful group with close to 200 members. The Rowville riders offers a community for riders to share the cycling experiences.  And offer regular social group rides which are open to riders of all abilities to come along to.

I was invited along for one of their Beach Road social rides.  There was a sense that they are more of a community than just a bike group.  A number of riders were proudly wearing their Rowville Riders team kit.  I sensed a strong bond amongst the group & felt that the Rowville Riders had brought a number of people together.  The ride was really relaxed and it was all about the ride.  With the pleasure of riding not to just go out & smash themselves.  It was good to see amongst the group riders of all abilities & there was no egos.  No pissing contest.  Everyone helped each other out & that was special.

The experience

The group hosts several social rides each week.  Whilst most social groups may only cater for one type of rider.  Whether it be for sprinters or the climbers.  What is unique about Rowville is that it is located almost halfway between Beach Road and the Dandenong’s. Due to their ideal location.  They mix their social rides between the hills, and on the flat roads out to Beach Road.

The group uses social media to good advantage to communicate between one another and to plan their rides.  They use an app which is called “Teamapp” to communicate.  You can download this free app from the Apple Store.  Teamapp allows riders to chat, share photos, post rides, and offer one another advice on the best places to ride.  The app also has the benefit of privacy.  You know that what you are posting won’t be viewed by people not associated with the group.  This helps to add to the bond this group has with one another.  This is a fantastic app, and a great way to meet new & great friends.

Group rides

Rowville riders Tuesday night cruise. A great way to unwind after work.  You set off from Waterford Valley golf course and cruise around the local bike paths at a nice relaxing pace.
Routes vary with distance approximately 30 to 35 km in length.

Time:                 6:30 pm

Duration:          Allow 1.5 hours

Rowville riders Thursday night ride sets of from the Waterford Valley Golf Club.  And heads up the Devil’s Elbow.  This is a casual no-drop ride and riders regroup at the top of the 1 in 20 in Sassafras.  You then get to enjoy the fast flowing descent down the 1 in 20.

Time:                   7:00 pm

Duration:            Allow 2 hours

There are also weekend rides which are organised on a regular basis.  All rides are organised through the Teamapp.  For all social rides, please ensure you are self sufficient and for your own personnel safety lights are required!

In the event of extreme weather conditions Rowville Riders may recommend a route change, or cancellation of the ride.

Find out more:

Link to the Rowville Riders Strava group here  – new members welcome.

Click here for link to the Rowville Riders Facebook page

Link to the Rowville Riders Teamapp here

If you want any further information on social rides email:

The Rowville Riders
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