Mount Donna Buang (Warburton)

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Mount Donna Buang
Distance: 16.8 km
Average gradient: 6%
Elevation gain: 1,084 meters
Category: HC
Surface: Sealed

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Mount Donna Buang is a Mountain in the southern part of the Great Dividing Range. It is located in Warburton and is one of Victoria’s most popular Mountain climbs to ride. The drive is only around 90 minutes from Melbourne.  Which takes you through the beautiful Yarra Valley.

View of Mount Donna Buang from the Visitor centre

Mount Donna Buang

Mount Donna Buang is 16.8km in length and has an average gradient of 6.4%. The climb can be broken down into two sections. The first section up to Cement Creek is 7km in length, averaging 7%. This section is quite challenging as the road gets steeper and steeper as you near Cement Creek.  And peaks at over 12% just before the junction. It is always a welcome relief when you reach Cement Creek.  Which offers a small flattened section before turning left onto the turn-off for the Mount Donna Buang summit.

Base of the climb

You are able to ease into a steady rhythm over the next 8.5km.  There is a fairly consistent gradient snaking its way up. Make sure you save some energy for the last km which averages close to 10%.

The ride

A high level of fitness is required to make the ascent to the top of Mount Donna Buang. You will climb though magnificent forest, which has a diverse eco-system. This includes 65 metre tall Mountain Ash trees.  Ancient Myrtle Beech Trees.  Ferns, Mosses & other plants which makes up this diverse Rainforest. Keep an eye out for Lyrebirds as you may see one to the side of the road.  Particularly in the cooler months. If you get lucky on a clear day you pass several lookouts.  Which offer stunning views of Warburton and the Yarra Valley.  These are a sight to behold.


The Yarra Valley is an amazing place to ride.  If you haven’t been out there we would highly recommend it. Test yourself against Mount Donna Buang, or cruise up & enjoy the scenery. If you’re adventurous you could try a bucket list challenge such as a trying for a double or triple Donna.

How to get there

Warburton is located approximately 72 km east of Melbourne on the Warburton Highway.

Mount Donna Buang at a glance

  • Can break climb into two parts
  • Expect to see tourist traffic
  • Well shaded during the summer months
  • Toilets at top
  • Lookout tower at top (not cleat friendly)
  • Rainforest lookout at Cement Creek
  • Picnic shelter which is good to shelter from the cold
  • Temperatures at top will always be colder than at the base. Bring adequate clothes to keep you warm on the descent
  • Please use extreme caution on the descent
Mount Donna Buang lookout tower


Cement Creek turnoff


The top of the climb
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    Mike said:
    August 25, 2015 at 4:37 am

    What a great climb this is, so lucky to have it within easy reach of Melbourne, I like to use it as a true test of where my fitness is at on the bike…. plus it’s amazing to ride with the views on the way up. Reading this makes me want to get out there right now!

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