Mungo State National Park hike 2010

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Mungo National Park

Serena & I visited  the Mungo National Park in N.S.W.  Lake Mungo is an ancient dried up river 875 km west of Sydney.  We were surrounded by desert, and we wanted to go for a decent hike. We went to the visitor information centre & asked the manager to suggest a hike.  He was able to point out a 6 km round loop. I thought it would pay to be cautious and asked him “are there any dangerous animals that we should be aware of?”. He replied “yes, we have about 10 species of snake at the National Park”. Reassuring. I asked; “are there any venomous ones?”. He listed 5 that were venomous.

My lovely wife Serena was no longer so keen to go out for a walk……..

I took my hiking stick with me. I figured worse case that I could use it to fend off snakes. Given that we saw hundreds of round holes all around the place, I was a bit disappointed not to see any snakes.  These would be quite often in the middle of the paths. Am I a nature lover or just a sick puppy to see a snake in the wild.  Serena however was freaking out anywhere near one of the many holes that we were constantly jumping over.

It was a nice flat trail and conditions were perfect for us.  The weather wasn’t that hot and the scenery was amazing.  It was a very surreal experience to be in the middle of nowhere hiking in the desert.

Alas unfortunately we did not see a single snake to my dismay.

It was still an amazing experience, and we were looking forward to heading to the Great Wall of China later on to have watch the sunset.  Apparently its a must do if you are ever fortunate enough to visit the Mungo National Park.


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