The Cathedral Ranges part 2

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Our first hike on the Cathedral Ranges killed us.  The next day Serena & I could only manage a 4 km flat loop around Lake Eildon.  Then we bummed around most of the day around Eildon sightseeing.

The Friday I really pulled something special out.  In the morning the weather was horrible and it was wet, cold & windy.  Leaving at 6:00 am to do a 55 km loop up around to Alexander.  I’ll ride in about anything, but today I didn’t feel it.  Heading back towards camp into a head wind.  I was soaked to the skin.  It was pretty cold, and all I wanted to do was get off the bike into some level of comfort.

I was so exhausted that I came back & went straight to sleep for an hour.  The day wasn’t looking too good with rain on and off so we drove into Eildon.  Before you knew it we had walked 8 km’s around the lake & up past the Dam wall which was an incredible walk.  I was pretty darned tired after that so we decided to return to the camp.  We had really come to hike around the Cathedral Ranges, so I said that no matter how tired we were we should try for another hike.

But not hard……

Do I even know what that means? The weather fined up, and my mojo returned.  I honestly started taking us around an easy hike, but that lead to a more interesting path, which in turn led us to the far side of the Ranges up this track called the Messamate Track.  Have you ever heard the term bush bashing?  Its basically where you have to make your own path.  No one had used this track in ages, and it was horribly overgrown, and horribly steep.  At times you could barely see the track, and we were constantly pushing ferns out of the way or doing the limbo under some fallen tree.  The path was narrow to start with, and a fair bit of it we had to fight our way to get up.  My kinda scene.  Poor Serena……..   She had a good time, just not as good as me.

This time we brought enough food & water, and somehow smashed out another 12km hike around the Cathedral Ranges.  We were lucky as there was a road that led down from the top back to the campsite, so there was no extreme descending today which I found easy.  I biked  55km’s, & hiked 20km’s today, in rain, heavy winds, and hacking away at the jungle.  This trip easily exceeded my wildest expectations of fun & adventure.

Yet again I went straight to sleep, ready for the next mornings adventure.

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