The Cathedral Ranges part 3

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You could argue that I’m a sadist.  I’m completely exhausted and wasted & I get up at 6:00am to do a 66km loop down to Marysville & completely smash myself the whole way.  The scenery was stunning but I was cooked.  It was time to go home & we sadly packed our tent.  There was no rush to get back & we went for one last hike around the Cathedral Ranges. It was a relatively short walk at 4.6k m’s on compared to what we’ve done was relatively flat, but a beautiful walk.

We stopped at a market in Taggerty before heading to Marysville.  I love Marysville.  It’s always held this attraction since the very first time I visited it back in 1998.  I come up here any chance that I can, and that include visiting Steaphensons Falls.  We were buggered and planned on just walking out to the viewing platform.

It was packed, & there were quite a few people climbing to the lookout at the top.  I was pretty stuffed, but Serena suggested we head up there and anyone that knows me its easy to twist my arm to go climbing.  So we get to the top, and there’s been a bit of developments since we last came here.  There was a new track leading from the top.  I had a few minutes to wait for Serena so was checking it out for future reference.  Serena suggested we do it.  Given we ran out of water at the start of the week and that we did not bring adequate supplies with us every sane thought in my head was saying no way.  Do not go on this hike.

There’s no way you have the strength to do another 10km hike….

So we head up this track, and it was steep, and it climbed, and it climbed, and it climbed some more.  We climbed for over 6 km’s before we got respite, & even I was struggling towards the end.  The walk was amazing and I was gobsmacked that I was doing this as it was nuts.  When we got to the top the lookout was worth every single, ache, that horrible feeling of fatigue.

For a few minutes we forgot that we were exhausted and enjoyed the moment.

The descent.  Now that wasn’t so pleasant.  We ran out of food & water.  We were exhausted.  And the track was 2 km’s longer than we expected, and the return bit hurt.

I was physically wrecked when I got back to the car, and the return trip was a major blur.  I rode 66 km’s in the morning in very challenging conditions, spent an hour packing away the tent.  Hiked 17 km’s on very hard hiking and drove 120 km’s home.  How do I find the energy………

Easy.  I don’t save anything for the return journey.

Don’t think I moved much the next day 🙂

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