The land that time forgot (Silverton) 2011

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My wife & I traveled up to Broken Hill, and took a drive out to Silverton.  We stopped to do a mine tour there, & whilst sitting waiting was amazed by the scenery.  This was a land that time had forgotten.  There were no powerlines.  No fences.  Everything was flat as far as the eye could see, and we were surrounded by desert.  There was something surreal about it & I asked Serena if she’d be happy to stay here and thankfully she said yes.

Silverton was once a mining town.  The area was rich in Silver.  Now it is a ghost town.  There are around 50 permanent residents, and the area is famous for its art galleries & artists.  Silverton has been the scene for more than 140 films and commercials thanks to the light, the character-filled colonial buildings and its scenic desert surrounds.  Its most famous for scenes from Mad Max 2 being shot in the area, and there is a Mad Max museum in town, which houses props from the movies as well as quite a few cars and two replica Mad Max Interceptors.  Other productions filmed here include Razorback, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Dirty Deeds, and the Flying Doctors television series.

We had a freaky experience though.  I had a white Van tailgaiting me on the day before on the way up to Wentworth for a short while, and he stayed at the Caravan Park we were staying at.  Serena & I did a Camel trek at Silverton & as we were riding the Camels, that same white van pulled up in the middle of nowhere near where we were riding our Camels and got out of the Van and pulled some binoculars and looked in our direction.  Serena & I love our horrors, and honestly had feelings of De Ja Vu.  This was about 2pm in the afternoon.  We stayed at the Silverton Caravan park which was the most amazing place.  It had its own zoo.  At about 7pm that white Van rolls into the Caravan Park and spends the night.   There is no slasher ending to this story, but seeing this Van on 4 seperate occasions staying at two separate places was one big coincidence.

We got a tour map which showed all of the historical buildings of interest and just went out for a walk.  There were all sorts of interesting sites such as abandoned buildings.

Rusted out cars.

Horses roaming freely.

More abandoned houses.

Then there was the town.

It was 6pm on a Saturday night and you can see how busy it was.  There wasn’t a soul to be seen.

We literally had the place to ourselves

A lazy 8km’s covered about everything, and can easily say that it was quite a fascinating experience.  Sadly we only had time to spend one night there, but it was memorable experience.

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