The Rock Tour part 3

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Kata Tjuta aka “The Olga’s”

My Achilles pulled up tight, but I could put weight on it and was able to walk.  Today’s hike around the Ulga’s was going to be another really tough one at 10 km’s.

Kata Tjuta are a group of large domed rock formations.  Located about 365 km southwest of Alice Springs and is about 25 km from Ayers Rock.  The 36 domes that make up Kata Tjuta cover an area of 21.68 km2.  I knew that I was risking so much walking but wanted to give it a shot.  I really had to pace myself better today.  And was always out the back of the group.  The scenery was amazing.  I probably didn’t enjoy myself as much as at King’s Canyon, as I had to focus so hard on my leg.  The whole walk was dominated by my walking.  Keeping as much weight off my bad leg as possible.

I still managed to get some decent snaps along the way.  With regular rest stops felt confident in getting through this walk.  You could argue that I was being both brave & stupid risking so much to do these walks.  But this was my only opportunity to ever experience this.  Serena was tremendous in helping me along the walk.  Letting me put some of my weight on her at times to help support me walk.

These past two days had been such a painful experience for me.  It almost bought a tear to my eye that I did them.  I have been a cripple for such a long-time.  Having ruptured my Achilles had robbed me of so much.  To have the strength to get out there and say “screw you.  I’m no longer let myself be down!”.

On to Ayers Rock

We headed on towards Ayers Rock and witnessed a magnificent sunset.  We also got a call from my brother letting us know that they had baby number 2 on the way.  What an amazing way to end the day.  Unfortunately the tour guide took us to buy Alcohol today, & the party was in full swing.  I managed to head straight to sleep mainly due to my exhaustion.  Getting woken at 1:00am in the morning to a drunk Irish lout dancing and singing at the top of his lungs.  I managed to get straight back to bed, and wondered how my leg would stand.  Could I do round three and pull off the improbable and be able to do another massive walk around Ayers Rock?

What an experience worth the pain
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