The Rock Tour part 4: Ayers Rock

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We awoke before 5am.  For all those who stayed up drinking till the wee hours of the morning I had no sympathy.  The sunrise was amazing, and like the day before my leg felt sore but stronger.  I knew like the past two days that it wasn’t a smart move, but I was going to try walking around Ayers Rock.  The one thing that really nagged at me was that there was a climb you could do to the top of Ayers Rock.  I knew eventually this would be shut down.  Climbing is a love of mine and this would easily have gone down as one of my all-time experiences.

My sore Achilles had other ideas, and it really pained me that I couldn’t do it.  I vowed that one day if I could get over all this pain, and lack of fitness that one day I’d get my fitness back and be strong once again.  It was a dream.

Unlike the past two days this walk was 100% flat which was welcome news for my leg.  I needed to stop at every single bench that we came upon, and was thankful that Serena was so patient with me keeping up with her.

Ayers Rock was amazing to see so close up. 

All you see in the photos are the rock itself.  Close up there are all these amazing rock formations surrounding it, and caves and fissures.  You feel so small walking around it, and you can sense the spirits of old in the air.  I was walking so slow today but I didn’t care.  It was all about enjoying the moment.  I was doing one of the most amazing walks in the country.  Proud to have endured all of the pain that I had gone through.  It felt as if I had lost everything rupturing my Achilles Tendon, and everything that I did since was a bonus.

We got to the tourist centre & I needed a lengthy rest there before we headed off for the last part of the walk.  This was the shortest and easiest of the 3 walks, but I felt most drained afterwards.  We headed back to Alice Springs and arrived just as the sun was setting.  We didn’t really talk with anyone else on the tour, but I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with Serena.  And very thankful that she helped me throughout my troubles.

This trip to the Territory was one of the most amazing experiences that we had ever done.  One that I would highly recommend to any adventure seeker.  The warmth & hospitality of the locals has been amazing and we would definitely come back here in a heartbeat.

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