Historical Vintage cycling

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“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain”

-Blade Runner

Historical Vintage cycling

We are used to modern technology & social media dominating the way that we ride today.  What was it like for the pioneers of cycling?  To go out and brave roads that weren’t fit for a motor vehicle to travel on, let alone a bike.  How would it have felt to ride out solo in the desert with only what they could carry.  Not knowing if and when they could find any water, and whether they could return home alive.

Who were the pioneers of Australian cycling?

Follow the links below to read about stories of discovery, immense bravery, and even some stupidity.


Wendy Law & Shirley Duncan; the first women to cycle across the Nullarbor

Arthur Richardson; the first man to cycle across the Nullarbor (1896)

A history of the Dandenong Cycle Club; 1908 – 1948

Richter Raketenrad’s Rocket propelled bicycle

Who is Charlie Hammond?

Belgrave; Dandenong’s first town

Billie Samuel; set the fastest time from riding from Sydney to Melbourne in 1933

Descending the Eiffel Tower

Ernie Old; a man who proved aged held no barriers to riding

Hubert Opperman; Australia’s greatest cyclist

Francis Birtles; one of the first Overlanders

Geoffrey Heintz; the youngest boy to ever ride from Sydney to Melbourne at ten years of age

Annie Londonderry; the first women to ride solo around the world

Joyce Barry; in the 1930’s she was Australia’s greatest women’s endurance rider

Ted Ryko in 1914 set out for the fastest time between Adelaide and Darwin

Billie Samuel


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