Constitution Hill (Swansea, Wales)

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Length: 1.3km
Height gain: 141m
Maximum gradient: 33%
Average gradient: 10%

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With the Internet, the world is such a small place.  You can see so many wonders & amazing places that you would love to visit and ride.  The truth is you most likely won’t get to visit most of them.  But then again it’s great to dream.  Would it tempt you to take on the worlds hardest cobbled climb?

Image by Davidte1968; courtesy of Flickr

Constitution Hill climb

Constitution Hill, is a bucket list climb, and is one of the steepest roads in Swansea (Wales).  It is a steep sloping cobbled street made famous in the feature film Twin Town which had a daring car stunt down its steep slope.  Constitution Hill has also been a popular inclusion in numerous cycling races including the World Tour Event the “Tour of Britain”.

Image taken by Thomas Guest; Flickr

Constitution Hill is said to be the world’s steepest inhabited cobbled road.  On first sight you’d be forgiven if you mistake it for a brick wall.   At just under 300 meters in length it rises up pretty sharpish with the cobbled section averaging 18% in gradient.   We can guarantee quite a bumpy climb. If you survive over the top you can keep on climbing for another km if you can.

Image taken by Adam Simmons; courtesy of Flickr

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